Guayakí Yerba Mate
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
This recreation of a cafe space allows attendees to delve deeper into the culture behind the South American drink “Mate”; the cafe will serve Guayakí Yerba Mate in traditional gourds to help authenticate the experience. Guayakí Yerba Mate is dedicated to promoting the socio-cultural importance of mate and actively funds reforestation projects in South America. Because of this attendees also have a chance to create their own community and help to answer the question, “What does community mean to you?”.
Cakelove - “The United Cakes of America”
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
Dessert is the most important meal of the day, right? This exhibit celebrates various delicacies from across the United States, emphasizing to our attendees just how similar we are, as well as what unique traits (or in this case, ingredients) make us so special. Food has a remarkable ability to connect people with one another. To tie this exhibit together, attendees will be able to pick up a complementary CakeLove In A Jar when they turn in their voucher!
Modo Labs - Fresh off the Press?
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
As a result of our fast paced news environment, the prevalence of fake stories has grown at exponential rates, and it is increasingly difficult to discern the bold from the outright false. In “Fresh off the Press?” attendees have a chance to engage in friendly competition to see if you can identify the real headlines among the fake ones. With the assistance of Modo Labs, this exhibit hopes to open up a crucial conversation about how we write about, interact with, and perceive the news.
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
Every person has unique responses to the world around them. The ripple effects of these reactions create the webs that connects us to each other. Every person’s individual experiences and beliefs shape how they interact with these webs. This exhibit is a visual representation of how we build these connections with each other, and how we turn simple ideas into complex actions.
Barry's Bootcamp
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
In this exhibition, we attendees are encouraged to write down their physical goals, in hopes of breaking down a wall in conversations about fitness and exercise. Barry’s Bootcamp prides themselves on their supportive and involved community and in order to foster this, we've created an exhibition involving a word-search that capitalizes on teamwork and collaboration.
Fast Fashion and Consumerism
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
It's inexpensive, trendy and plentiful. They make it so easy to want more. However, "fast fashion" is the second most polluting industry in the world. Many of the industry's worst effects are in fact promoted by the simplicity of their designs. This exhibit aims to go beyond what’s written on the price tag and expose what we’re really paying.
Grand Ballroom - Marvin
This year, in addition to receiving free canvas tote bags filled with gifts from some of our community partners, attendees will be able to purchase a limited quantity of t-shirts and posters with this year's visual theme.
Speaker Networking and Graphic Art
Grand Ballroom - Marvin Center
After our second session, featured speakers will gather in the Grand Ballroom to meet, chat and network with attendees. Be sure to join them and ask questions, make small talk, or just say hello! We promise, they don't bite. Outside of the Ballroom, there will also be artistic representations of the different talks created by our talented graphic illustrators.